4 Reasons To Get a Professional Dental Cleaning

27 August 2020
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Sure, you know how to brush and floss; but why do you need a professional dental cleaning? The thing about dental hygiene is that it goes beyond the primary school classes. For most adults, however, it's been kicked to the kerb. To maintain good oral health, you need to ensure you schedule regular dental cleanings. In addition to having clean teeth, you'll also get more practical benefits. Continue reading for 4 important reasons to get a professional dental cleaning. Read More 

5 Benefits of Getting Permanent Dentures Over Removable Dentures

18 June 2020
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Teeth are an important part of your anatomy. In an ideal world, teeth would last the duration of a lifetime. In reality, though, tooth loss is sometimes unavoidable. If you lose your teeth, a dentist will recommend that you make an appointment to fit you for dentures. Dentures are a dental appliance that replaces missing teeth and helps restore the appearance and function of your teeth. There are different types of dentures including removable and permanent dentures. Read More