5 Benefits of Getting Permanent Dentures Over Removable Dentures

18 June 2020
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Teeth are an important part of your anatomy. In an ideal world, teeth would last the duration of a lifetime. In reality, though, tooth loss is sometimes unavoidable. If you lose your teeth, a dentist will recommend that you make an appointment to fit you for dentures. Dentures are a dental appliance that replaces missing teeth and helps restore the appearance and function of your teeth.

There are different types of dentures including removable and permanent dentures. Permanent dentures refer to a row of prosthetic teeth linked to a framework held together in position using dental implants. 

Here are a few reasons to choose permanent over removable dentures. 

Preserve the Jawbone

One of the unfortunate consequences of tooth loss is bone loss in the jaw. It is important to have a little daily stress on the jawbone, like any muscle to stimulate repair and growth. Before tooth loss, this stress comes from the tooth roots during chewing. Without this stimulation, the jawbone will shrink through the process of resorption. 

Permanent dentures replace teeth roots with dental implants, and these stimulate the jaw to maintain its strength, size and density. Removable dentures only replace the crown portion of the teeth which does not prevent bone loss. They, in fact, place pressure on the gum ridge, which could speed up the process. 

Provide Better Oral Function and Health

Because they have a superior fit and retention, permanent dentures are more beneficial to your oral health than removable dentures. Because of the implant support, these dentures will not loosen and slip. They also don't cause friction-related gum sores and pain, which removable dentures can cause. 

Firmly anchored to the jawbone, permanent dentures offer a strong bite force and chewing efficiency which removable dentures just don't give. 

Greater Comfort

One of the important considerations of dentures is their fit. The gum ridge shrinks and changes in shape to suit the jawbone beneath it. This process undermines the support of removable dentures and requires constant dental appointments to maintain adequate retention. The result is slipping of the removable denture as you eat or speak.

Anchored securely with dental implants, permanent dentures better preserve the jaw bone, preventing their fit from deteriorating. 

Aesthetic Differences

Permanent dentures have a more natural-looking aesthetic compared to removable dentures. After dental restoration, your permanent dentures will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth in terms of appearance. Because they protect bone loss due to the implants, permanent dentures preserve your facial structure and prevent the premature aging that results from bone loss.


Permanent dentures last longer than removable dentures. To maintain a proper function and fit, you need to visit your dentist for replacement or relining every 5–7 years. Permanent dentures can last a lifetime with regular dental care and adequate oral hygiene.

Fixed dentures provide you with many favourable perks which other oral health alternatives may not offer. 

For more information about dentures, contact a local dentist.