5 Reasons to Consider Choosing Ceramic Braces

22 March 2023
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When your teeth are not properly aligned, you can use braces to move them into the correct position. This is going to improve the appearance of your smile while also helping to maintain your oral health, but many people only know about standard metal braces. While these still work well, you might also want to consider ceramic braces, which replace metal brackets with clear or tooth-coloured ceramic ones.

Here are just five reasons why.

1. Extremely Discreet

The most compelling reason to choose ceramic braces over traditional metal braces is that they are more discreet. Since they are made of either a clear or tooth-coloured ceramic material, the brackets that are fixed to teeth are barely noticeable. You can also choose archwires that are matched to the colour of your teeth. This is ideal for any patient, but it's often particularly attractive for adult wearers who worry that traditional braces will appear unprofessional.

2. Surprisingly Durable

It's certainly true that ceramic braces are not as strong as metal braces. However, don't let that lead you into assuming that they aren't reliable. The latest ceramic braces have been refined to deliver maximum durability, and dental professionals have grown more adept at fitting them. With proper care and maintenance, you shouldn't need to worry about them failing.

3. No Issues with Metal

For some people, metal braces present a serious issue due to allergies. Such allergies might not make wearing metal braces unbearable, but they can still prove problematic. Additionally, metal braces will be a problem if you happen to require regular medical imaging tests. With ceramic braces, such issues won't be a problem. Allergies are not going to get in the way, and imaging tests won't be affected.

4. Less Chance of Discomfort  

Any type of brace is going to present some level of discomfort since they must put pressure on your teeth in order to align them. However, ceramic braces tend to be more comfortable than other options, including traditional metal braces. Metal is often much tougher on your tongue and the other soft tissues in your mouth. In contrast, ceramic brackets are much smoother and therefore often able to minimize discomfort or irritation.

5. Superior to Clear Aligners

People who want a discreet way to realign their teeth are often attracted to clear aligners. While these work well in certain cases, they aren't going to produce the desired results nearly as fast as fixed braces. Additionally, they don't work for more serious cases of misalignment. By choosing ceramic braces, you combine the speed and effectiveness of traditional metal braces with the discretion offered by clear aligners. 

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