Ways You Might Unknowingly Damage Your Dental Implants

19 January 2023
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If you have dental implants, it's important to take care of them so that they last as long as possible. Unfortunately, many people don't realize that there are things they're doing that are slowly damaging their implants.

This article highlights a few ways you might be harming your implants unknowingly. Read on to learn more.

Not Brushing Your Teeth Regularly

Just like with your natural teeth, regular brushing is essential. Not brushing your implants can cause a build-up of plaque and bacteria, which can weaken the implant and lead to complications such as infection and inflammation.

Plaque can start to build up around the implant and cause gum inflammation, bone loss and even infection. Remember that dental implants rely on your gums and bone for support. So if your gums and bone become weak, your implants are at risk of becoming loose or falling out.

Biting Down on Hard Things

Biting down on hard foods such as ice or candy can damage the implant and weaken the abutment that holds it in place. The force you use on the implants can cause them to crack or break, which will require a repair or replacement. Not to mention, biting down on hard foods can cause damage to your other teeth and gums, which can put your overall oral health at risk.

In addition, using your teeth as tools to open packages, bottle caps, or other objects can be dangerous. This can cause the implants to become dislodged or even crack. Eventually, the implant starts to become loose and eventually falls out.


Smoking is actually one of the worst things you can do for your dental implants. Not only does smoking increase the likelihood of gum disease, but it also increases the risk of implant failure. The chemicals present in cigarettes can damage the tissue surrounding your implants and weaken them over time.

In addition, if the gums become infected, the implant will become loose and eventually fall out. This is the opposite of what you want to achieve by getting dental implants, so it's best to avoid smoking altogether.

When you follow these steps, you ensure that your dental implants stay in top condition and last as long as possible. If you have any questions about caring for your dental implants, it is best to ask your dentist. They can provide the best advice and information on how to keep your implants healthy and strong.

Regular dental check-ups are necessary for implants, just like for regular teeth. Regular visits to your dentist can help detect any early signs of implant failure or damage before it becomes a bigger problem. 

For more information about dental implants, contact a local dental office.