3 Ways Orthodontists Can Make Braces Fun for Kids

2 March 2021
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In the past, getting braces was not exactly a barrel of laughs. It was considered geeky by young people and childish by adults. However, the perceptions have changed over the years as oral health has become a significant issue among Australians. Besides the vast array of braces available, braces can still be tailored to meet your child's personality and taste. Thus, it is critical to choose an orthodontist who keeps up to date with the latest orthodontic care trends. Here are various ways an orthodontist can make braces fun for your kids.

Splash of Colour 

Ask any adult to describe oral braces, and the common answer you will get is that braces are metallic or silver in colour. It is a partly accurate description because braces today come in a variety of playful colours. Therefore, an orthodontist can tailor-make colourful braces for your child rather than settle for the boring adult-like metallic or silver braces. The best part is that your child can choose their favourite colours, and an orthodontist will use bands that are those colours. For instance, your child can select band colours that match their eyes, skin tone, rainbow or favourite outfit. Rather than get ridiculed by their peers for wearing braces, your child will be the centre of attraction with their colourful braces.

Pinup Pictures of Celebrities with Braces 

The idea of wearing braces alone in the house or class can be overwhelming for most kids. Therefore, orthodontists should try as much as possible to eliminate the perception of being singled out for getting braces. One strategy that works effectively and makes braces fun for kids is tapping into their favourite celebrities. Every kid has someone they idolise, such as musicians, actors or sports personalities. Whichever the character, you can download a picture from the internet of them wearing braces. An orthodontist or a parent can do the trick at any time, even just before the procedure. The feeling that they will be sharing the same experience as their favourite personality will make braces fun for your child.

Watch Videos of Kids with Braces 

If nothing gets your kid to wear braces, you should try playing videos of children their age wearing orthodontic devices. Choose clips from the internet, showing lively kids playing on a playground and smiling wide for everyone to see their colourful braces. Such videos tend to burn an imprint on kids' minds, which helps them accept oral braces with little fuss. A professional orthodontist will also use such videos in the waiting area for children to see how fun it is to wear braces.

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