5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

12 July 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Tooth loss can be extremely upsetting and embarrassing for anyone, even if it's one tooth. Now, imagine what happens when your teeth crack or are unsightly. This not only affects your smile, it also makes it difficult to eat and chew certain foods. Unlike previous years, dental implants have currently made it possible for people to restore their lost and cracked teeth. So, if you are looking to get back your beautiful, confident white smile, here are five reasons why you should consider dental implants.

They are a natural and comfortable fit

Cosmetic dentists design dental implants to feel, look and function like natural teeth. They are attached to the jaw, particularly where the adjoining bone is located, and this allows it to grow and fuse with the dental implant. And, because it integrates with the surrounding bone, the implant becomes strong and stable like any natural tooth. 

They are permanent

Bridges and dentures are some of the common ways of treatment currently when it comes to replacing cracked or lost teeth. Despite their popularity, they are not permanent, unlike dental implants. As bridges and dentures age, they can sometimes slip off and fit poorly as you chew or talk, and this can cause discomfort. Dental implants don't have those shortcomings, and this makes them better than other available teeth-replacing treatments.

They maintain your face shape

Your jaws give your face structure, so when you have a cracked or missing tooth, your jaw loses bone density. This causes your face to start collapsing into itself. Because your mouth has less jawbone that keeps the skin firm, the skin around your lower face and mouth start to sag. Dental implants prevent this from happening by maintaining your jaw's structure.

They are easy to speak with

Losing teeth can sometimes make it hard for anyone to say particular words. However, the use of dental implants provides you with artificial teeth, which function like natural teeth. Dental implants have a supported crown that gets rid of speech impediments by filling in a gap created by the missing teeth. 

They improve your ability to chew and eat

Since dental implants are attached to the jawbone, it becomes quite easy for anyone to eat and chew food better. If you had a particular food you could not eat, having dental implants gives you the ability to enjoy that type of food. So, if you want your teeth replaced, make sure you visit a cosmetic dental clinic that will guide you through the process of dental implant installation as well as care.