Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help with Your Gum Health?

6 July 2018
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When most people think of cosmetic dentistry, they immediately envision treatments that help to improve their teeth to enhance their smile. Although your teeth are easily noticeable, you should also note that your gums are equally important too. Deteriorating gum health will eventually affect the appearance of your teeth, which will significantly detract from your smile. On the other hand, gums that may be healthy but look abnormal will also affect how you look.

Fortunately, there are several cosmetic procedures that you can undergo to improve the how your gums look. Moreover, these procedures could also treat any current gum problems that you may be afflicted with. This article examines the various ways that cosmetic dentistry can help with your gum health.

Cosmetic dentistry can help prevent progressive gum recession

You might find it surprising to realise that gum recession is one of the most common dental problems that adults face yet it remains undiagnosed for many people as they assume their gums are just ageing as usual. What you need to know is that an array of reasons can cause gum recession. The most common causes is an excessive buildup of plaque on the gum line. If this plaque is not removed, the bacteria steadily eats away at your gum line and increases your vulnerability to periodontal diseases.

Cosmetic dentistry can help stop this recession from proceeding through routine teeth cleaning to get rid of the plaque. You may also want to undergo minor surgical treatments to restore the recessed gum line, which also ensures that the roots of your teeth are now protected from future infections.

Cosmetic dentistry can help minimise your gum line

While most people would not want to suffer from gum recession, it should be noted that the opposite condition could also be quite challenging to deal with. The opposite of gum recession is when you find that your gum line is exceedingly high, which in turn causes your teeth to look much shorter than they are. Furthermore, when you smile, you find that you show much more gum than teeth, and this can make you self-conscious. If you suffer from this condition, you could opt to have gum contouring.

This procedure entails the reshaping of your gum line to obtain a natural height that is complementary to the natural length of your teeth while making sure that the gums are still securing and protecting the roots of your teeth adequately.