Fear of the Dentist? How Oral Conscious Sedation May Help You

11 June 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Some people may be able to deal with pain better than others, but for some individuals a visit to the dentist can be quite a difficult experience. Often, they are scared of the unknown, or they may remember some less-than-pleasant experiences in earlier life. It's unfortunate that this type of fear will keep many people away from the dentist's chair, even though they would benefit significantly from some work. It is nevertheless possible to overcome this type of phobia by taking a specific approach to sedation. How could you take advantage of this technique if you really need to plan a visit?

Understanding the Phobia

Firstly, it's important to understand that dental techniques these days are far superior to years gone by and some of those difficult memories you have should definitely be consigned to the past. Having said that, it's often difficult to get past this phobia, and you may be able to take advantage of oral conscious sedation.

How Does This Work?

This is something that you should discuss with your family doctor or dentist beforehand, as they will need to write a prescription for you. Once you tell them that you suffer from anxiety and are finding it very difficult to get necessary work done, then they may be able to give you this option. Of course, you will need to discuss your medical history with them but if this solution is prescribed, you will simply take some of the medication before you leave for the dentist's office.

Make sure that you get somebody to drive you to your appointment once you are on this medication, but once there you will find that you can deal with anything that happens without any of the aforementioned anxiety. You will be conscious and aware and able to discuss the entire process with the dentist as it unfolds, but you will maintain a calm and serene condition throughout.

Getting All the Work Done

In this way, you will be able to go through lengthy procedures such as root canal therapy, or may be able to undergo several different types of procedure in one day. You will find that your overall experience will be pleasant and you should hold no more fear of the dentist's chair in the future.

Begin by discussing this with your doctor or dentist, so that you can take action and provide pain free dentistry as soon as possible.