How You Can Improve the Appearance of Your Smile with Little Discomfort

9 May 2017
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Many people realise that they need to take action when it comes to improving the appearance of their smile, but understand that many years of inaction may cause this to be a little more complicated than it should be. If you realise that you need to have veneers, you may be wondering how detailed and involved the procedure is and how much discomfort you might have to endure. The good news is that dental technology today gives you several options. In particular, there is a less invasive procedure known as "no prep." What does this involve?

Comparing the New Method

A veneer is usually made from porcelain and is added to the existing tooth to change the way that it looks and works. In previous days, this would require the shape and size of the original tooth to be modified by the dentist, to create room so that the veneer could be added. In the "no prep" option, however, the same result can be achieved with very little preparatory work by the dentist, and sometimes no drilling at all.

How It Works

Most of the work will take place in the skilled hands of the dental technician, to create a veneer that very precisely conforms to the actual shape of the tooth, especially around the gum line. When this is done, it takes away the need to create a specific border at the gum line and allows the veneers to be fitted very precisely in that area. The risk of reaction between the new tooth and gum tissue is negated.

Due to the preparatory work performed by the technicians and the dentist, the addition can work just as well, restore appearance and be fully functional, but without any need for complex restructuring underneath.

Those Who Could Benefit

Many people find that their teeth are smaller than they should be and this could be caused by a number of different reasons. It could be that your teeth are this way due to genetic factors, or they could have been worn down by overuse, or nighttime grinding. Sometimes, your teeth may be natural and in fairly good condition, but they appear to be quite small when compared to your smile. In any one of these cases, you could benefit from no prep veneers.

Finding out If Eligible

Your first port of call should be the dentist's office, where the professional can advise you of the best way forward. You may well be able to benefit from no prep veneers and come up with an outstanding end result, with little invasive procedure.