Want to Save Some Cash On Your Next Trip To The Dentist?

30 August 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Dental care is a necessity most people would love to have available at the cheapest costs possible. Unfortunately, not all trips to the dentist end up as cheap as anticipated. Even those with insurance cover may, at times, end up feeling like the out-of-pocket sum required after the insurance plan is deducted is still high. The good news is that there are several ways in which you can make sure your next trip to the dentist is cheaper even without insurance. When push comes to shove on financial matters and the dentist, here are some tips on how you can save big on that day.

Dental savings plan

Joining a dental savings plan is one of the ways that you can lower your dentist fees. Many dental savings plans involve low-cost membership models that you pay for over durations. The plan membership links you to in-network dentists around the area that will charge you less than visiting other dental facilities. The dentists also offer various discounts to members that can shave off several percentages from your out-of-pocket fee. Even with insurance, you can supplement payments with such a plan. Ask your dentist if they can recommend any plan they are affiliated with.

Local dental universities

If there is a dental university near you, chances are that they run a public dental facility that costs less than most dentists. The charges are usually less since students offer the services under the strict instruction and supervision of expert dentists. These facilities also tend to be well equipped with machinery. They, however, may involve longer waiting lists because many people also visit them for the above said reasons.

Upfront payments

While many dentists give the option of planned payments for expensive procedures, a good number also offer the alternative of paying upfront at a lower cost. These deals can cut your fee by considerable percentages, and you should enquire from your dentist if they have such offers. Alternatively, the arranged payment plan, while not necessarily saving you money, can help you pay costly fees over a comfortable period.

Discounts and other membership offers

It is also good practice to ask your dentist if they can offer you any discounts. Most dentists actually do. Such discounts may be based on agreed associations with groups, or even employee discounts from your job. Find out if your job offers you any dental coverage and maximize on these as well. You can also see if, for instance, the dentist will offer you a discount since you have three or four children requiring braces, or extractions and such procedures. Some dentists also offer the option of sliding fees for some patients and these can also lower your costs. Finally, the one way you will find highlighted by every dentist and dental website to keep your dental costs low, is to maintain good dental health.