Tips for Reducing the Pain Caused by Dental Braces

15 April 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Dental braces are designed to straighten your teeth and give you a perfect smile, but they can result in mouth pain. The most common issues that people face when they have dental braces include mouth sores, cuts and deep pain in the jaw. The types of pain caused by dental braces can range in severity and duration. This means that it is important for you to learn how to reduce dental pain early on.


One of the most common pain issues involving dental braces are the sores and cuts that form within the mouth due to irritation. Most braces involve the use of metal fittings and wires, which can cut the inside of the mouth. It is possible to prevent these sores and cuts from forming by using wax. Many dentists recommend the use of wax when you have braces to protect your mouth. You can place the wax over the wires and metal fittings that cause the most irritation. With the wax covering various parts of your dental braces, it will keep further irritation from occurring. This is the best way to reduce the onset of sores and cuts that occur mostly at night. You can place the wax on your dental braces before you go to sleep and minimise the amount of sores that persist.


It is also recommended that you switch to sensitive toothpaste if you have dental braces. Toothpaste that is specifically designed for sensitive teeth is ideal for people that are dealing with constant pain from dental braces adjustments. When you first have braces applied, they have to be adjusted over time to ensure that they have a tight fit and are realigning your teeth in the best way. This increases the effectiveness of the dental braces, but the adjustments can leave your mouth and teeth feeling sore as a result. Sensitive toothpaste will help to lessen the sensitivity that you feel over time.


If you are experiencing intense mouth pain after dental braces are first applied, it is possible to feel pain relief by gargling warm saltwater. Saltwater is an effective way to treat pain because it helps to draw the excess fluid that is in the tissues within your mouth and throat. This will cause the tissues to be less inflamed and will reduce the pain that you feel as a result. Saltwater also helps to remove bacteria from your mouth and is a great type of antiseptic mouthwash that you can make on your own.

For more tips on handling the pain of braces, contact a local cosmetic dentist.