What Are Some Ways to Pay for Dental Care?

29 December 2015
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

If you have a dental check-up or procedure coming up, you might be concerned about paying for it. While it may not be a cheap expense, getting routine dental care is essential and should not be put off just because of the costs. Here are some different ways you can pay for dental care if you don't have traditional dental insurance.

Put It on a Credit Card

This is often the best choice when you have emergency dental work and there isn't enough time to get a healthcare installment loan or figure out another way of paying for the dental work. If you already have a credit card, consider using it for the dental work. You will end up paying a little more in interest rates, but it is worth it if you or your family members need to get some work done, especially last-minute, emergency work. Don't put off that root canal or filling if you need it now.

Get a Dental-Care Loan

If you have a little more time to plan for the dental work, you can try applying for a dental or healthcare loan. These are installment loans that specialise in dental or medical treatments. It is similar to other personal loans, except the providers often want to speak to your dentist to find out the costs of the procedures you need. For example, if you went to your dentist and they recommended getting two of your wisdom teeth pulled, they will give you a quote of how much it will cost. You then apply for a loan, provide the lender with how much the dentist quoted you and the procedure, and then, based on your credit, the lender will decide if you are a good candidate for it.

Ask the Dentist for Payment Options

Some dentists are willing to work with you so you can avoid the higher costs of using a credit card or paying interest rates on a dental installment loan. Speak to your dentist about your financial situation and ask if they can help. They might allow you to make monthly payments until the procedure is paid off or request that you pay a percentage of the procedure and pay the rest during your return or follow-up appointment.

Inquire about Medicare

If your family is considered low income, you might qualify for Medicare. Now is the perfect time to apply and see if you qualify. If so, you and your family members will receive some Medicare dental care coverage. This often includes coverage for check-ups, cleanings, and routine procedures. You might still pay a portion of the dental procedures, but it definitely helps reduce the costs.