Different Types of Dentures and their Features

15 July 2015
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Dentures are quite a popular choice for people who have serious teeth issues later in life. It's not uncommon at all to lose part of the teeth as you age, and if you want to preserve your beautiful smile, a set of well-made dentures is the ideal solution. There are both permanent and removable dentures, and you can choose whatever suits your needs:

Permanent Dentures

Permanent dentures are usually the more expensive solution, and you should do your research very well before you commit to a certain ortodontist. The job of implanting a false tooth into the gum is a delicate task that needs a lot of preparation and skill from the medic that will do the procedure, and you surely want the best to handle such an issue.

Of course, you might have to pay more than for a usual implant if you want premium quality, but in terms of tooth design and overall process, the money spent will be well worth it. Various materials may be chosen in the tooth design, but porcelain seems to be the most popular, good-looking and long-lasting choice.

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are employed if almost all of the teeth have fallen. The remaining ones can be extracted and a removable denture can be created. Such a denture will feature the whole lot of teeth that a human usually has, and it's just like a complete makeover. This time, as well, prices range a lot depending on the choices you make when it comes to materials, but if you want a removable denture that will last for a lifetime, you shouldn't refrain from spending a bit more than what you've planned.

Caring for Dentures

Even if you have dentures instead of your teeth, this doesn't mean you can just stop brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. Although cavities won't appear in artificial teeth, tartar and plaque can very well build up on synthetic materials just as they would do on natural ones. Also, removable dentures should not be worn during nighttime, as such behavior can lead to fungal infections in the long-run.

Both removable and permanent dentures are extremely sought after by people who lost one or more teeth, because nobody enjoys refraining from smiling when necessary. Moreover, if you don't want to struggle with food when it's dinner time, you will also be interested in having dentures designed for your missing teeth, so you can easily enjoy a good meal.

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