Dental Services That Actually Protect Your Overall Oral Health

19 March 2015
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A good dental cleaning and exam can protect your oral health, as a dentist can see the onset of cavities or gum disease and address these as soon as possible. A dental cleaning is also typically more thorough than a home cleaning, so your teeth and gums are protected from germs and bacteria buildup.

There are other services a dentist might perform for you that also protect your overall oral health, and you may be surprised at these and how they keep your mouth protected. Note a few of those services here.

1. Teeth whitening

While teeth whitening itself may not have anything to do with oral health, having your dentist do this for you rather than trying over-the-counter products can keep your mouth healthier. This is because many of those products are harsh and abrasive and may damage tooth enamel. They can also dry your mouth, which is damaging to your oral health, as saliva washes away germs and bacteria.

Having a dentist whiten your teeth can mean avoiding these harsh products and protecting your mouth. You'll have the results you want without damage.

2. Caps

A cap is a plastic piece that slides over the top of a tooth and which is glued into place. These are usually worn by those who have a chipped or broken tooth, and in some cases they're chosen to correct cosmetic issues. However, a cap can protect your mouth if a chipped tooth has a sharp or jagged edge, as this can mean more risk of cuts inside your mouth and in turn more oral infections.

Broken teeth can also lead to bone loss and an eventual root canal. Teeth that are very eroded can have exposed dentin, the soft tissue under the tooth itself. This dentin can be damaged when exposed, and you can suffer actual tooth loss. A cap is a good way to protect this broken tooth and the inside of your mouth from all these complications.

3. Implants

An implant is an artificial tooth that screws into the gum line where a natural tooth is missing. This can protect the exposed gum from damage and protect you from bone loss, which is common when you're missing a tooth. Since teeth rest snugly against each other for support, this will also protect you from loosing other teeth. The implant is a permanent solution, as it doesn't get taken out every night like dentures or bridges. This can improve your smile and protect your oral health.

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