Missing Multiple Teeth? Start Your Smile From Scratch With Implant Dentures

21 November 2022
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If you've lost a number of teeth to decay, it's unlikely those which remain are in the best health. Restoration may be possible for these remaining teeth (filling cavities, adding dental crowns), but it will be both time-consuming and expensive. And then the missing teeth must be replaced. The logistics of constructing a functional and comfortable partial denture with the required number of prosthetic teeth in the correct location can be very complicated. Read More 

Why You Need to Floss Around Your Dental Crown

29 September 2022
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A dental crown sits over a damaged tooth like an armored shell of porcelain. This shell protects the fragile structure of damaged teeth. Protecting teeth with dental crowns also helps you to conserve the roots of teeth, which are crucial to preserving healthy jawbone structure. Although dental crowns don't suffer from tooth decay, keeping them and the area around them clean is important. Flossing around your dental crown can help to prolong its life and keep harmful bacteria at bay. Read More 

4 Top Qualities of a Professional Family Dentistry Practice

8 August 2022
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Excellent oral and dental health for your family begins with regular visits to your dentist. While proper oral hygiene starts at home by teaching your family good dental practices like routine brushing and flossing, attaining excellent dental care isn't complete without regular dental appointments.  Finding a reputable family dentistry clinic that's trustworthy to entrust your loved one's dental care is imperative. However, there are four essential qualities to look out for in a family dentistry practice you should know, including:  Read More 

What’s the Difference Between Full Dentures and Partial Dentures?

21 June 2022
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Dentures are either full or partial. If you are missing teeth, dentures can replace those teeth. But you might be unsure of which type of denture is right for you. This article will help you to understand the main differences between partial dentures and full dentures. You can then use that knowledge to choose the option that suits you best. Partial dentures work alongside healthy teeth If you still have at least some remaining healthy teeth, a partial denture is the right option for you. Read More 

Hazards of Undervaluing the Need for Emergency Dental Services

22 April 2022
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Despite how vital one's oral health is to their overall wellness, it is not uncommon to find numerous individuals that would rather live with a dental issue than pay a visit to the dentist, and this is due to various reasons. Undoubtedly, this averseness to dental clinics largely stems from the fear of pain but this is a gross misconception. The reality is that deferring your dental appointments is more likely to cause you severe pain than seeing this professional since the dentist will not only treat your current oral ailment but will also advise you on how best to avoid the same problem in the future. Read More