4 Brilliant Benefits of Teeth Bleaching That You Haven't Thought About

20 January 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Having your teeth whitened can leave you feeling beautiful. But did you know that whitening your teeth could improve your job prospects? Or your sex life? Here are four benefits of teeth whitening that you probably haven't considered and why having sparkling pearly whites could seriously change your life.

1. Look Fabulous in Selfies

It's an age-old cliche, but it still rings true: A Picture Speaks Louder Than a Thousand Words. Having your teeth whitened can instantly improve your appearance, and you'll be able to show your off new smile in selfies for your social media pages, like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Your friends and family will notice your new smile too. Say cheese! 

2. Win Over Your Clients

Your gleaming gnashers won't change what you say in a business meeting or sales presentation, but having cleaner, whiter teeth can instantly give you a boost of self-confidence, something that can help you win over clients. If you need to seal a deal or secure a new contract, having higher self-esteem can transform your career prospects according to a study. Research suggests that having a positive self-image can lead to greater career satisfaction, better health and more pay. So your new smile can leave you feeling happier in your job and make you richer! 

3. Improve Your Sex Life

If you're looking to improve your sex life, teeth bleaching can work wonders. White teeth are synonymous with glamour and beauty but, thanks to contemporary dentistry techniques, are no longer the domain of the rich and famous. You don't need an A-lister's budget to be able to afford teeth whitening. Once you've met the partner of your dreams, it'll probably be worth every penny. There's research to back this up too. A British study revealed that 56 percent of people rated a good smile as an indicator of attractiveness. In fact, those questioned in the survey thought a good smile was more important than someone's face, eyes and height when it came to physical attractiveness.

4. Look 10 Years Younger

Did you know that teeth bleaching can turn back the clock and make you look younger? That's because a whiter smile can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give you a more youthful appearance. Discoloured teeth are sometimes associated with older age. But a simple trip to the dentist can change all that! Whitening procedures can make you look 10 years younger without the need for expensive cosmetic surgery.