How You Can Improve the Appearance of Your Smile with Little Discomfort

9 May 2017
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Many people realise that they need to take action when it comes to improving the appearance of their smile, but understand that many years of inaction may cause this to be a little more complicated than it should be. If you realise that you need to have veneers, you may be wondering how detailed and involved the procedure is and how much discomfort you might have to endure. The good news is that dental technology today gives you several options. Read More 

Beyond Novocaine and Medications: Three Options to Help You Relax in the Dental Chair

5 May 2017
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Dental work is often mis-characterised as painful, but this tired old story simply isn't true anymore. Now you can use local anesthesia to completely eliminate pain during dental work as well as nitrous oxide to keep you relaxed. If you have a lot of anxiety, there are even intravenous sedatives that can prevent you from feeling pain during dental work. Beyond, that, however, there are also relaxation techniques and ideas you may want to consider. Read More 

Dealing with A Knocked-Out/Avulsed Tooth: First Aid Information

20 December 2016
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Dental emergencies don't have a warning. They strike at anytime and anywhere. Knowing what to do in such emergencies can help you prevent further dental problems before you seek dental assistance. A knocked-out or avulsed tooth is one of the dental emergencies you should be quick to handle. Lack of urgency in the case of a knocked-out tooth can be the difference between rescuing your tooth and losing it completely. This is because an avulsed tooth can actually be re-implanted, but the chances of success reduce significantly the longer you wait. Read More 

Dental Tourism: Disaster or Money Saver?

7 December 2016
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More people are seeking out cosmetic-dentistry procedures. While the results are usually excellent and greatly improve a person's smile, the price can be off-putting for some. With the rise of cosmetic dentistry, there has also been a boom in dental tourism. Overseas destinations such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Eastern Europe offer both a holiday and a reduced fee for what brokers claim is the same cosmetic result. Is this really a good deal, or could you be worse off in the long run? Read More 

5 Tips to Keep in Mind for Using Denture Adhesives

30 November 2016
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Not all people who wear dentures use an adhesive, but some find that this is vital if their dentures are going to stay reliably stable throughout the day. Of course, applying denture adhesive isn't as easy as you might imagine; there are mistakes that you can make along the way, as well as methods to make the process easier. If you're using adhesive for the first time, or have been having trouble with it, just keep the following best practices in mind. Read More